My license stopped working.

If you purchased a Flowkit license prior to April 2022, you have a legacy version that is no longer supported. Please send a message with your previous Order # or email used for purchase and get help transferring your license.

I have a new license and it's still not working.

More than likely you've either copied a blank space or an additional character. Double check that your using only the license code. If that's still doesn't work, send a message for lightning fast support.

What about Sketch and XD?

Sorry, but Flowkit is full-time Figma now.

Can I try it first?

Yes, you absolutely can. Grab a free trial and you'll have a whole month to give it a whirl and see how you like it.

License has reached activation limit

I need to cancel my Flowkit order.

Not a problem, here's how.

I need help with something else.

Sure thing, What's up?